We provide a full range of packaging solutions from beautifully crafted boxes designed for beauty products to eye catching containers for horticultural products, boxes for mobile telephones, toys and presentation gift sets.

Our skills in packaging design and our experience in producing beautiful, functional and innovative cartons, mean we relish the challenges posed by customers who want something new and something original that catches the eye of the ever discerning consumer.

Carton Design

Adding value to any product or service. Our award winning carton engineers design original packaging for a huge variety of markets including digital packaging.

Drinks & Spirits Packaging

Luxury printed packaging for the drinks and spirits industry. We work with both craft distilleries, breweries and established brands to create exceptional packaging.

Digital Packaging

Digital technology makes it possible to have short runs and use variable data – great for individualised packaging. We can also deliver web to print solutions for online personalised gift packaging.

Food Packaging

Achieving BRC accreditation in 2013 has enabled us to widen our packaging horizons and bring our considerable expertise and imagination to food packaging.

Promotional Packaging

We offer bespoke packaging solutions tailored to your promotional aims and to your specified budget, enhanced by a wide range of point of sale collaterals.

Sustainable Packaging

We are committed to sustainable manufacturing. We will work with you to limit the carbon impact of your packaging using a blend of supply chain assurance and sustainable working practices.


Carton Design

Good design distinguishes your product – good design reinforces your brand’s USP but better design invigorates your brand.

Our dedicated team of carton engineers specialise in developing unique and distinctive packaging. Our people can work with your product from concept through to shelf to create something that is unique and will entice and inspire interest.

We can develop prototype samples to test design, functionality and acceptance prior to full production.

Drinks & Spirits Packaging

Our reputation in this industry has been built up working with leading brands across the market, from vodka, whisky, gin, beers and wines. Typical products include packaging solutions from cartons for single bottles, bottle neck hangers, multi packs, gift packaging and point of sale displays.

Our UV printing presses allow us to print on luxurious textured and metallic materials with instant drying to provide vibrant, high contrast colours.

Not only can we help you create a unique constructional design, but we can also advise on boards and papers, finishes, varnishes and foiling to ensure your packaging not only looks great but performs superbly.

Digital Packaging

With lower start-up costs digital print makes it possible to provide full colour prototypes for testing your carton design concepts and levels of acceptance.

Digital printing enables personalised packaging to an individual audience using our variable data capability. So your marketing campaign can include the deployment of unique content targeted to specific individuals.

Communications can also be versioned to target groups or geographies and security features can be added.

Food Packaging

BRC accreditation demonstrates we provide a high hygiene production environment using BRC compliant board and low migration inks for safer packaging to provide an assured supply chain for food packaging.

We can bring our track record in innovative design and production techniques to wrap up your food requirements safely and imaginatively. Security features can be applied for product and brand peace of mind.

Promotional Packaging

Client engagement and consultation enable us to fully understand your brief and bring our experience and expertise to the table. We understand the importance of brand integrity and our state of the art software and colour capabilities ensure brand adherence, quality and reliability.

We have experience in all areas of promotional packaging, including fulfilment. So whether you are promoting a brand on the high street, launching a new product, delivering a presentation bid or developing a corporate gift package, we can produce innovative, unique products to meet your detailed requirements.

‘Visualising the art of the possible to meet your marketing aspirations’.

Sustainable Packaging

Corporate Business, Government and the Public Sector have targets to limit the effects of their business on climate change by reducing carbon impacts through the supply chain.

We can assist in this by ensuring our materials are recycled, FSC or PEFC Chain of Custody certified. We also use carbon offset production techniques ensuring optimum use of resources and minimising waste. We can offer print on demand which reduces the need for large storage facilities and eliminates waste – producing only what you need, when you need it.

Duncan Print Group offer carbon balanced material through the World Land Trust. The carbon footprint of all materials can be measured by Duncan Print Group and can be offset by making a payment to the World Land Trust. This money is used to purchase land of ecologically important areas of natural forest under imminent threat of clearance. This locks carbon that would otherwise be released, standing forests can then continue to absorb CO2.

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