Duncan Print Group offers full service digital and lithographic printing services, producing the highest quality print to create reports, leaflets, flyers, brochures and associated marketing collateral.

Personalisation and Direct Mailing

Personalised communication enables content that is more relevant to the interests of your targeted audience and will result in increased response rates and lower postal costs.

Annual reports and accounts

We produce reports and high profile documents to the highest quality for a wide range of corporate and marketing companies.

Point of Sale

Point of sale collateral can be a very persuasive marketing technique and we can produce all your requirements to deadlines whilst maintaining the highest quality of product.

Remote upload, proof and print

Using our remote approval software you can upload artwork day or night and instantly see a ripped proof of the latest artwork before pressing your own print button.

Marketing Collateral

Our experience, combined with our investment in technological solutions means we can deliver quality of service and product, consistently.

Sustainable Printing

We are committed to sustainable manufacturing. We will work with you to limit the carbon impact of your printing using a blend of supply chain assurance and sustainable working practices.


Personalisation and Direct Mailing

We have the capability to produce full colour personalised mailings. Targeted, personalised direct mailing campaigns have many advantages.

Bespoke communications focused on individual interests increases the likelihood of a response and by targeting your audience you can avoid the huge postal costs of mass mailings.

Personalised mailing can be a very cost effective way of marketing compared to online campaigns with high Cost Per Click (CPC) rates. Direct mail can offer greater visibility and stickiness than can often be achieved online.

Annual Reports and Accounts

For all your high profile key documents, we offer first class results using the latest production and artwork handling technology. Colour is managed to the ISO 12647 standard using automated colour control on our Heidelberg XL105.

Our remote artwork upload system means that the printing process can start minutes after you have approved the last page, enabling us to securely print finished copies to very tight deadlines. Our system allows for last minute amends and will always display the latest artwork ready for printing.

This means we can work with you at peak production phases in your business cycle to produce your documents to the highest of standards with exceptionally fast turnaround.

Point of Sale

We have experience in producing point of sale collateral to support your merchandising activities in a number of settings, including retail outlets, events and presentations.

We can offer a range of solutions to support your brand profile, including versioning to cater for specific data and regional variations. Whether you want wobblers, tent cards, counter displays or leaflet dispensers, we can ensure high quality and fast turnaround. Our supply chain management system allows for printing on demand saving both wastage rates and warehouse space.

Remote upload, proof and print

Sending artwork via email can be slow and clunky, especially where there are several revisions. Our remote system allows you to upload as many revisions as you like and you will only ever see the latest version.

Once you have been set up on our remote system, you are in full control of your artwork, proofs and approvals. So – no waiting for emails or artwork links to come back to you – YOU are in complete control of your artwork and even better, you can access the system 24/7!

Marketing Collateral

With one of the most versatile production facilities in the country we are well equipped to produce inspiring pieces to match your campaign. We have in house die-cutting, finishing and fulfilment capabilities allowing for extensive options on finishes and fast production times.

From business cards to brochures, folders and promotional material we have built a reputation as the supplier of choice for high quality and unique marketing collateral.

Using our online ordering systems it is possible to setup product templates for frequently ordered pieces allowing for fast, simple supply of your marketing materials.

Sustainable Printing

We can assist in reducing your carbon impact by ensuring our materials are recycled, FSC and PEFC Chain of Custody certified. We also use carbon offset production techniques ensuring optimum use of resources and minimising waste.

Our print on demand capability reduces the need for large storage facilities and eliminates waste – producing only what you need, when you need it.

Duncan Print Group offer carbon balanced paper and boards. In addition we can measure the carbon footprint of all materials and offset using the World Land Trust. The World land Trust protects ecologically important areas of natural forest under imminent threat of clearance. This locks carbon that would otherwise be released, standing forests can then continue to absorb CO2.

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