Packaging with postage in mind - part one

Packaging with postage in mind - part one

Designing your packaging with mailing in mind

Postage can be one of the biggest costs in your supply chain and designing your packaging to within certain sizing restrictions could save you 29% (sending 1st Class via Royal Mail) or even 31% (2nd Class)*.

When designing your packaging it is worth considering how it will travel. Aside from keeping the size within certain limits to save on postage costs, other elements to think about are:

  • Condition of the packaging through post - anything in the post will pick up scuffs and can get damaged if not adequately protected. It is worth considering the material and finishes of your packaging if it’s going to be sent by mail.

  • Condition of the goods through the post - no one wants to receive their order in anything less than perfect working condition, so you may need a card or foam fitment to hold your goods in place - depending on their nature.

  • Concealing nature of the product(s) inside packaging - if your products carry a high resale value, such as cosmetics or electronics, or your customers need discretion (for instance when receiving lingerie or medical testing kits) your packaging can be designed to conceal the nature of the items within, whilst also still providing the excitement-factor when opened.

  • Size of the packaging - most subscription mailer boxes are ‘large letter’ size which means they will fit through most letterboxes and qualify for lower postage costs. The beauty of this format is that the chances of it going straight through the letterbox are high so customers won’t receive the fateful “missed delivery” cards and delays in receiving the product.

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Useful posting information

Should you want to design your packaging to fit through the letterbox or stay within the ‘small parcel’ restrictions, we’ve included some dimensions below. At the time of writing** the length, width and height restrictions for using Royal Mail are as follows:

  • Letter - 240mm x 160.5mm x 5mm (good for small cards and wallets)

  • Large Letter - 350.3mm x 250mm x 20.5mm  (most commonly used for subscription boxes)

  • Small Parcel - 450mm x 350mm x 160mm  Medium Parcel - 610mm x 460mm x 460mm

For any updates and the weight restrictions please check the Royal Mail website. Alternative courier companies may have varying dimensions. See DPD, Hermes and UPS size restrictions respectively.

If you are looking to mail out your packaging there are a variety of packaging styles to choose from. At Duncan Print, our Carton Engineers can design a box to meet your needs and a fitment to perfectly hold your products within the box, to protect them during transit. To speak to one of our experts about a bespoke packaging design for your products, fill out your project brief or request a call back here.

For postal cosiderations once you have your final packaging, click through to part two.

*Both savings reflective of sending a ‘large letter’ size item rather than a ‘small parcel’ size item, within the UK

**July, 2019