Packaging storage

Packaging storage

Optimal conditions for storing packaging

When self-storing your packaging there are a few key elements to be aware of to keep it at its best.


Packaging board should be stored within a certain amount of humidity to stop it curling at the edges. The optimal humidity level for packaging made from carton board is around 50%. 

Seasonal weather can cause fluctuations in temperature and humidity throughout the year so trying to keep the packaging in a consistent environment can help reduce any significant fluctuations. The climate during the winter months is a more common cause of problems if the packaging is being held in premises with artificial heaters. Much like when we get chapped lips in the winter, the artificial heat warms the air which dries it out, which in extreme cases can reduce the humidity and cause unprotected packaging to curl.


The printed designs on packaging, can quickly fade under harsh light, particularly strong sunlight. The ideal location for storage would be in a warehouse and out of direct sunlight. Preferably stored in outer boxes until needed.


Ordering a higher amount of units in one print run will bring down your unit cost but do you have space for all those extra units, plus business as usual? It’s important to have enough space for your packaging so you’re not double stacking pallets or placing heavy boxes on top of your stored packaging, in order to keep it in tip top condition until you’re ready to make it up.


For BRC-accredited packaging, or if you’re not planning on using your packaging for a prolonged period of time, it’s advisable to shrink wrap the flat-packs to protect them from moisture and dust and any other ingress.

Remember, if you have non-perishable goods such as electronics or alcohol (maybe with a special Christmas sleeve - if you’re really organised) it may be better to make up your packaging and store your cartons and boxes with your goods fulfilled, ready to head off to different store locations or direct to customers at short notice.

However, with perishable items, such as food, where packing may occur at the point of service, then it may be useful to look at the usage levels. This is key for helping you optimise the amount of packaging out of storage and in use, especially in stores where space may be tight.

Packaging storage at Duncan Print

If you have any queries about your self-storage environment don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team to enquire about our packaging storage facilities. Aside from having room for all of your stock (allowing you to take advantage of lower unit costs, win!) we have the perfect light and temperature-controlled conditions for keeping your packaging safe in.

For further information about our storage services please give us a call on 01707 387799.