How to make up your packaging

How to make up your packaging

We supply our packaging to you flat, ready to assemble. This saves on storage space and both cost and space during transportation.

The most efficient packaging should take seconds to assemble and pack but designs with multiple components can take a little bit more care before they metamorphosize. 

You don’t need to be an origami expert to make up your boxes:

Origami GIF.gif

We have compiled some videos to help you construct your cartons and mailer boxes and show you where to tuck and fold.

Once you have mastered one we are sure you will gain pace and begin putting them together, with your eyes closed*, in no time at all.

After watching the videos if you have any questions regarding how to put your packaging together our friendly team of experts are available to answer your questions. Just give us a call on 01707 387799.

*Not advised!


Tuck end carton make up video


Hinged lid with fitment make up video


Bufferwall tray and slipcase make up video