How to expedite your packaging project

How to expedite your packaging project

There are a few simple things you can do to expedite your project and make sure it moves as quickly as it can through our production process. 


When sending your brief including a description or image of the product, plus it’s dimensions and the intended use for the packaging (retail, event, presentation pack) can really help us to provide accurate costs as quickly as possible. This will also inform the sampling stage of the project.


The sampling stage is important to make sure the final packaging is going to be perfect for your product so make sure you test the physical sample thoroughly to make sure it is fit for purpose. Have a go at constructing the box and check you’re happy with the time taken to make it up and how easy it is to pack, to give you an idea of the time you will need with the final order.

Hippea Bus Carton


Once you have approved your sample and we’ve sent you the cutter guides, follow our artwork guidelines closely to create a print-ready file. Check over your own artwork for typos or missing elements before returning the cutter guide. This will ensure it passes our pre-production checks the first time around and will save you time, avoiding the need to revise artwork and re-run through our quality-control processes again before signoff. 


If you have any specific labelling requirements for the shipment, such as barcodes on the labels, please let us know as soon as you place the order. This will mean as soon as the packaging is finished in production it can be dispatched.

Some clients wish their packaging to be split and sent to separate addresses, some don’t have forklift facilities to move pallets or require us to book in a time slot with a particular contact for delivery. Knowing this at the start of the project can save valuable time at the delivery stage and make sure you receive your order as soon as it’s ready.

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In almost every case the quickest way to receive your packaging is by simply starting the process. If you have an upcoming project, send us the brief and we can advise you on how we can proceed.

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