Event-based Packaging

Event-based Packaging

Consumers spend more when the sun is shining* and the summer is packed with festivals, sporting events and other important annual dates (listed below) so packaging targeted at summer events is a must!

For retailers, shelf space is the last chance to attract buyers. Differentiation through events based design is a great opportunity to draw consumers attention in busy retail environments. Additionally, targeting events and creating share-worthy packaging is a great way to utilise social media-savvy consumers and grow your brand awareness with new audiences.  

KFC event packaging

This also applies to e-tailers and subscription based models in a slightly different way. The consumer is already ‘sold’ when their parcel arrives but the packaging is a key element in the ‘surprise and delight’ buzz that keeps them coming back for more.

How to test event-based packaging

Aside from the potential increase in sales and brand awareness (yes, please!), tailoring your packaging to different events is a great way to run short limited edition tests on how packaging design influences your buyers.

The most obvious way to adapt your packaging to an event is using your existing packaging but printing limited edition artwork tailored to an event.

Chivas Regal Diwali packaging

If you want to keep your standard packaging unchanged you could instead use an add-on option such as neck tags or collars for drinks. Equally, a promotional printed sleeve can be used to slip over drinks boxes, cosmetics cartons and other retail goods packaging.

Christmas wine bottle neck collar

When targeting an event you may wish to include a promotional item to be sold with your standard product. Gift or kit packaging can be used as a way to combine both items for an upcoming event.

Malibu event display packaging

There are many options to test the influence of seasonal designs. If you are not sure of the best place to start, our packaging experts can talk through ideas with you. They can then help you come up with some outstanding packaging designs to really attract buyers.

Carling presentation box

Which event aligns with your product?

Of course there are numerous occasions and events throughout the year you can align your packaging with but picking one or two that will compliment your product and echo your brand is always a good idea.

So, are you ready to delve into the expanse of seasonal and event-based packaging design? Don’t worry, our experts are on hand to advise you. Here are some key dates for your diary to help you plan ahead.

Upcoming 2019 events (in order of appearance)

Ramadan 5/5 - 4/6

Cricket World Cup 30/5 - 14/7

Father's Day 16/6

Pride - June

Wimbledon 1/7 - 14/7

Music festival season May - Aug

International Friendship Day 30/7

New football season 10/8

Rugby World Cup 20/9 - 2/11

International Teacher's Day 7/10

Diwali 27/10

Halloween 31/10

Bonfire Night 5/11

Remembrance Day 11/11

Thanksgiving 28/11

Black Friday 29/11

Cyber Monday 2/12

Christmas! 25/12

Do you already have packaging you would like optimised for an event? Send us the details and we can advise you on the next steps.

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