Presentation packs

Presentation packs

How many times did you get told to tuck your shirt in and straighten your tie at school? As we all know, first impressions count!

Whether you have an upcoming event, new product launch or buyers pitch, we can help you make a great first impression with a stand-out presenter pack.

Our carton designers can create something unique to showcase your product or products. 

Nail that sales pitch (even in front of dragons!)

Whether you are pitching to someone new, familiar or even Dragon’s Den, having a physical presentation box which showcases your product is a strong aid for sales pitches. We have worked with a range of clients to design custom presentation boxes in a variety of styles.

Bloo sales presentation box custom packaging design GIF

Our Bloo presentation box is a great example of a unique presenter pack aimed at wowing business buyers by taking a toilet cleaning product and giving each part of the product its own ‘reveal’ moment during a sales pitch, using a combination of hinged openings and draws. We even included tabs on the inner lid for individual sales reps to insert their business card. True to our environmental policy, and aim to not only use sustainable materials but create sustainable packaging designs, we made sure the design was as compact as possible to minimise material use and also ensure it was easily portable.

Dove Derma gift presentation pack.gif

Top takeaways from your event can include physical reminders of your brand

Among other designs, we have created presentation packaging for brands to use at events, as welcome packs for employees, membership packs for customers, to send out as mailer packs to influencers and as gift-set packs for retail customers. Each audience and the aim of the packs have to be thought about carefully during the design stage to make sure the packaging achieves its intended purpose. In all of these cases, packaging can add luxury to the products and create a physical element to the brand, which is especially useful for service-orientated companies.

Juts Eat presentation pack.jpg
Sure presentation pack
Google event pack custom packaging

Like what you see?

If you would like advice on how to maximise your presence with presenter-style packaging get in touch! Once we have your project brief our experts can design some attention-grabbing packaging to meet your requirements.

See our promotional packaging page for more information on different types of promotional packaging such as those used for retail display and point of sale.